• Avalon 10×42 WP Monocular
  • Avalon 10×42 WP Monocular

Avalon 10×42 WP Monocular (BLACK)

4.78 out of 5 based on 87 customer ratings
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Not a big fan of binoculars? No problem! The Avalon 10×42 WP monocular allows you to experience the same breathtaking views using a single eyepiece. Featuring a compact waterproof design and fully multicoated optics, it produces bright, razor sharp images. The twist down eyecup is easily adjustable for use with or without glasses. Avalon 10×42 WP monocular weighs only 320 grams. It is the perfect choice for birdwatching, safari, travel, sporting events and concerts. Order your monocular today and see the difference.

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Avalon 10x42 WP Monocular Case

The Complete Package

Planning your next adventure or just looking for a special gift? Avalon monocular features professional level optics and beautiful packaging. It is designed to impress.  

Need a Closer Look?

Avalon 10x42 WP monocular magnifies at 10x times your normal eyesight. This is the ideal and most common magnification used in monoculars. View your subjects up close, in excellent detail, while avoiding any image shakiness or the need for a tripod.  

Razor Sharp Images, Every Time

Avalon 10x42 WP monocular is fully multicoated on all glass-to-air surfaces. This allows for the highest level of light intake and results in brighter, crystal clear and razor sharp images.  

High Performance, Rain or Shine

Avalon 10x42 WP monocular is 100% waterproof and fog-proof. Internally purged with Nitrogen gas it is guaranteed to never fog up in extreme temperatures. The 42mm objective lens produces clear bright images even when used in poor light conditions such as rain, fog, dawn or dusk.  

Glass On, Glass Off

With a long 14mm eye relief and an adjustable twist-down eyecup, Avalon 10x42 WP monocular can be used by any viewer. Pickup your Avalon monocular and experience enhanced magnified views, either with or without glasses.  

About This Offer

 20% Savings  
This product is discounted today and offered at 20% less than its normal retail price.  
 Lifetime warranty  
This product includes a lifetime VIP warranty. If it proves to be defective in material or workmanship, we will simply replace it.  
 90-Days money back guarantee  
If you’re not satisfied with the quality of your purchase, for any reason, simply send it back to us in its original packaging within 90 days for a full refund or replacement.  

Nothing is Left Behind

There is nothing more annoying than loosing small accessories. Avalon 10x42 WP monocular has its lens cover connected to the monocular, so you never forget or loose it. It can also be removed from the monocular and easily inserted back in again if needed.  
10x Magnification


360 View

Magnification Guide

Additional information

Avalon Optics Model




Objective Lens Diameter

42 mm

Exit Pupil

4.1 mm

Eye Relief

14 mm

Prism Type


Lens Coating

Fully Multicoated





Nitrogen Filled


Closest Focusing Distance

5 m

Field of View

293 ft / 1000 yards

Angle of View



14.5 x 7.5 cm (5.7 x 2.9 inch)


320 grams

87 reviews for Avalon 10×42 WP Monocular (BLACK)

  1. William Armitage

    I was given one of these superb monocular’s as a Christmas present and after only a couple of outings I was sold. This is a top end piece of kit, from the shape of the instrument, the positive eye piece adjuster down to the field of view and the focusing system it is great. On the down side; the hand strap can be a bit fiddly to adjust, particularly if you have to re-adjust, when wearing gloves. The eye piece cover is a snug fit and could be improved on, the method of attaching the eye piece to the instrument by a piece of chord is rather disappointing. The bottom lens cap is awful. I have lost mine on two occasions now, the last time I had to backtrack over half a mile to find it, not happy! The principle of securing the lens cap looks good in theory, however the arrow head shaped locating lug on the attaching strap is far to thin and flimsy for purpose! The cap itself is a push fit into the lens recess, imo, it should clip into the lens recess In the same way some binocular lens caps fit? Overall a lovely bit of kit, nice weight and size, sadly let down by poorly made and fitted ancillaries.

  2. David Rundle (verified owner)

    Seems really easy to use and very handy to fit in jacket pocket. Great to be able to use it with one hand especially as I rely on a walking stick for balance.

  3. Jonathan Smith (verified owner)

    Good to use, good optics. Found the hand strap a pain to assemble (awful instructions) and in fact prefer to use the monocular without it. Performance is top class, keep it in the car for use on holidays. Would have liked to know a bit more about the Avalon pedigree, how long in existence, where designed, parent company etc.

  4. David

    Prompt service, looks good, but will give my review, after I open it at christmas,

  5. Mervyn Peachey (verified owner)

    As good as I’d hoped. Excellent optics and really handy to be able to just grab and focus.

  6. David (verified owner)

    Just ordered, hope the reviews are right. I’ll give 5, you cant all be wrong.

  7. Joe Weir

    I’m very happy with my purchase so easy to use

  8. Patricia Fairlie (verified owner)

    Bonus arrived earlier than expected. Well made. Vision great. Love the adjustable eye piece. Perfect for watching planes take off.

  9. Stephen Cobby (verified owner)

    The monocular is a nice and light instrument to use, sharp with a bright view ideal to keep in a pocket while out walking or hiking, however I do think the eye relief adjustment mechanism feels a bit cheap and the eyecup cover is a bit to loose. Neither bother me much as I wear glasses so I don’t use the eye relief adjuster and a bit of gaffer tape on the inside ring of the cap tightens things up nicely, so overall a good tool that I’m very pleased with.

  10. Mrs Janet Joplin (verified owner)

    So much better than binoculars and enjoyed taking it to the docks to see the big liners.I have arthritic hands and the monocular was so easy to use. Just one small problem,the lens cover keeps coming out of its anchor so will just use a touch of glue to keep it safe.

  11. Jane Davies (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband and he is extremely pleased with it.
    Brilliant service. I ordered it and it arrived within two days.

  12. Roy Simons (verified owner)

    As I now have only one usable eye and am not mobile at 97. This monoular was just what I needed to see the birds and other things in my garden from a seated position.. Very good

  13. Paul Evans (verified owner)

    Nice clear image, easy to focus, easy to carry. The enclosed leaflet mentions cleaning the lenses with fluid specifically for multi coated lenses; can you recommend a suitable cleaning fluid?

    • Avalon Optics

      Hi Paul, there is normally no need for any liquid in order to clean the lenses. As the lens can only be cleaned from the outside, simply use the non-scratch cleaning cloth which was provided with the product to gently wipe it clean. Wipe the lens with the cleaning cloth using gentle circular wipes. You can even apply moderate pressure while cleaning as the cloth is made of non-scratch material. If you do find a need to use liquid, when the lens has a very sticky or dirty surface, then you can use the fluid below: https://www.amazon.co.uk/ZEISS-Lens-Cleaning-Spray-2x120ml/dp/B07339STBJ

  14. David Lowe (verified owner)

    great piece of kit! Much better than I expected, did a lot of research beforehand and glad I did.

  15. Nick Short (verified owner)

    Brought 10×42 Avalon pro in white forgetting I have mono vision, my wife loves them. Brought the 10×40 monocular in black for me and it’s excellent, small and light with padded holding grip, attached lense caps and handy bag. Highly recommended ( both of them )

  16. Roger Marshall (verified owner)

    Bought for my wife who finds binoculars a bit heavy. Very pleased with the monocular which is very well made, has good magnification and is very “carryable”! Would recommend

  17. Simon Pears (verified owner)

    Arrived in good time. Does excactly what I expected.
    Would recommend

  18. Pauline Buckley (verified owner)

    Bought as a birthday gift for my husband. He is extremely pleased with it, the clarity of image is crisp and clear. We looked at the moon last night! Easy to use whilst wearing glasses, lightweight and compact. A great purchase, delivered promptly and well packaged. I did a lot of research before purchase and am delighted that my choice was so good!

  19. Ted Warren (verified owner)

    It has lived up to expectation. I am really enjoying using it. Since it sits comfortably in a coat pocket I carry it about a lot and now prefer using the monocular than a shared binocular. The hand strap makes focussing much easier.

  20. Glenda Fleetwood (verified owner)

    We purchased this to take on walks because it is so compact and will fit into a pocket. It was nicely packaged and arrived quite quickly from ordering. It is exceptionally easy to use, good field of vision, nice and crisp and clear. Hand strap very useful, we also purchased a lanyard so that we could hang around the neck. All in all an excellent piece of kit and would highly recommend.

  21. Glenn Starkey (verified owner)

    This is a well presented monocular which works well, sharp focus and clear image with useful hand loop and dust caps included. Not ideal for left handers because as soon as the item is turned upside down the dust cap covers the lens. Regardless of how gentle you are, the eye cup adjustment ring returns to the home position when the cap is fitted, so it has to be set up again every time. Not sure I will retain the (right) hand-hold, might try a neck/shoulder strap instead.

  22. James Leary (verified owner)

    The monocular gives a clear,easily focused view & the 10 x 42 is the perfect size,large enough to be very practical & small enough to be easily transportable.

  23. Pat Wheaton (verified owner)

    Delighted with my purchase. I wanted a compact, lightweight means of seeing birds and other wildlife when out walking or in the garden and this does the job perfectly.

  24. Stephen Goodchild (verified owner)

    Bought for my wife’s birthday. Light, compact and very well made. Good, clear magnification. Her birthday was on Thursday, when we got home from a walk to try them out she realised she’d lost the lens cap. I emailed Avalon that evening, replacement lens cap arrived Saturday lunchtime. Superb product, excellent customer service. Happy wife and me on the moral high ground.

  25. George Ross (verified owner)

    Light, easy to use and good quality. Better than binoculars when travelling light.

  26. Barry Davies (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the Monocular. Well made and description as stated. I would have liked some sort of neck strap just to make it handy for carrying but this is not a complaint just an observation. The view is extremely clear and I would certainly say that if you are thinking about one of these just go ahead and buy one I am sure you will love it. Just a word to anyone who has never used one before when you first use it give yourself a little time to get used to the viewing position you will be using as monoculars are a bit strange at first to get used to after using binoculars.

  27. Mike Peace (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the monocular.Handy size and really easy to use.

  28. Paul Belton (verified owner)

    Bought for my mother in laws birthday. she is extremely happy with them!

  29. James (verified owner)

    Excellent product, it’s a compact piece of equipment that gives the user a brilliant view of whatever you point it at.

  30. Beverly Gascoin (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this purchase….found it much easier to use than my binoculars…..ideal for my bird spotting!

  31. Dave (verified owner)

    Really impressed. Could see the elements of Orions sword.
    Surprisingly good light collection and super sharp terestial
    Not a Meade lx90 go to scope but fits in your pocket better.

  32. Russell Weston (verified owner)

    Now in my 70’s and finding difficulty with binoculars and my glasses. Impressed by the reviews so took a gamble in Lockdown and ordered online. Very pleased with my purchase. By keeping both eyes open with the monocular pressed to one eye I find it very easy to home in on my target before fine focusing. Another positive ( which I did not see mentioned in the advertisement or any reviews )is the slot to allow you to attach a small tripod if needed.

  33. Terence Lindley (verified owner)

    The Avalon 10×42 WP monocular was bought for my son. He is very pleased with the clarity and colours both looking through the monocular with naked eye and through his NeXYZ smartphone adapter by Celestron. I am very pleased I took notice of the reviews for this Avalon 10×42 WP monocular. The delivery was also very quick. Thankyou Avalon.

  34. Peter Smith (verified owner)

    Very light, easy to forget that you have it with you, a tad heavier than an iPhone. I take on my daily walk, in my little bag along with the dog biscuits etc etc. Roll on summer and the end of these lockdowns!

  35. Rod Lindsay (verified owner)

    As advertised – good piece of kit.

  36. Beverley Paddey (verified owner)

    Lovely item and very light which great for carrying in your backpack.

  37. Graham Corbett (verified owner)

    Fantastic monocular exceeded my expectations. Do not give reviews normally, however this product deserves one. Sheer class item ,looks the part as soon as you take it out of the box. Optics are wonderful too. One of the best purchases i have ever made.

  38. Martin Stuart (verified owner)

    Very well made and easy to use monocular. A good quality instrument.

  39. Elizabeth Mellis (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with my avalon monocular which is easy to focus and gives good definition, and much lighter than binoculars. A shoulder carrying strap fixing would be useful but fortunately it is light and small enough to fit in a reasonably large pocket

  40. Pete Wilson (verified owner)

    Excellent! Very easy to use. Easy to carry in a jacket pocket when out walking. Excellent clarity. Only minus is is the objective lens cover not being securely attached. It has almost been lost after coming loose. Carry case is easily attached to a belt for ease of carrying. Very happy with this purchase.

  41. Alison Weeks-Coleman (verified owner)

    Fantastic product for watching my garden birds, very impressed so far. Excellent company to purchase from, no issues and delivery was less than 48 hours! Highly recommend Avalon Optics. Thank you

  42. Ray (verified owner)

    Awesome so much easier to use than binoculars good quality

  43. Liz Workman (verified owner)

    Bought as a Christmas gift but am so impressed I think I will buy one for myself. So much easier than binoculars.

  44. Maggie (verified owner)

    I bought the monocular for my husband’s birthday. He has very little sight in one of his eyes and has always struggled with binoculars. He says the monocular is easy to use and for him to focus in on wild life. He takes it out on all walks now as it fits easily in his small back pack.

  45. Andrew Sales (verified owner)

    I cannot use binoculars so tried this monocular instead. It is very good, bringing objects into view that you cannot see with the naked eye . It is light easy to use and robust.

  46. JB (verified owner)

    Very light and easy to carry. View quality and focus are really good…it’s a yes from me.

  47. nathan (verified owner)

    the wife and I have recently taken up bird watching. we have tried several binoculars which have been great but just cumbersome to carry, even around the neck when you have other things to carry. Whereas these are great and easy to carry. nice clear viewing.
    well worth the money

  48. Michael John Stirland (verified owner)

    Very pleased, a most useful addition for my daily walks. The only slight criticism being the focus wheel which is not as smooth in operation as I would like. Are you able to lubricate it? All in all a great buy.

  49. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    We are delighted with the monocular. So good that I am going to buy another, as a gift for my sister. She used mine for the first time today and was very impressed with the clarity and range.

  50. Leon (verified owner)

    Apprehensive at first as it’s 1st monocular and unable to try out in retail shop. It is a quality build. Very easy to hold and focus. Very light and small enough to carry in any suitable pocket. Also very good resolution for distance and Just superb for the money. As I also wear glasses this is just a perfect alternative.

  51. Harry simpson (verified owner)

    Very pleased and glad to say have had good experiences using it for bird watching. Like the carrying pouch for belt providing easy access

  52. Anne (verified owner)

    Pleased with prompt delivery, packaging & monocular’s performance & ease of use. Only haven’t given 5* because I bought it primarily for sailing & viewing distant marks & yet to try that.

  53. Graham Busby (verified owner)

    Having paid almost as much for a rival monocular a couple of years ago, I was not holding my breath but felt so many positive reviews for the Avalon product must be considered… What an improvement on my other monocular. Despite having Zeiss binoculars that cost nearly a thousand pounds, so far, I’m using Avalon’s monocular more, partly because (like other reviewers) I have poor vision in one eye and because of the weight aspect. Don’t hesitate, this is a good product and if they bring out a better monocular, even at twice the price, I will probably buy it.

  54. Michael Hutchinson (verified owner)

    Excellent piece of equipment with great magnification. However, a strap for carrying round the neck would have been useful and unfortunately on our first outing we lost one lens cap as the cord attachment is not particularly robust.

  55. Gary (verified owner)

    Superb! Does everything I wish … handy size … practical and light-weight. Magnification spot on too. Now just need to add the phone accessory, when back in stock. Currently great price re discount … don’t lose out on a high-end, quality product at a great price. I should work in Sales!!

  56. John Maloney (verified owner)

    A fine piece of kit. Solid build but light and compact. Good price and fast delivery. A big step up from my 8×25.

  57. Anthony Garbutt (verified owner)

    i was concerned about just ordering a Monocular with out being able to see it or try, as i wanted to know if it was equal to or better than my good Binoculars.
    But when advised about the 90 day returns policy and the lifetime guarantee ,i did order, and i can say that it did meet and slightly better my expectations.
    So i am well pleased and look forward getting more use then i can at the moment ( with the Covid 19 restrictions).
    The Monocular has a threaded mount fitting on the underside for a mono or tripod, And as i i have a camera with a similar connection that i use for an over the shoulder strap attached via the connection, i am now searching for a lesser robust over head strap with the necessary connection. So Avalon have you any suggestions where i might be able to source such a lanyard type item.
    Thanks a lot for making it easier for me to decide to Purchase the Monocular .

  58. Sandra Arnold

    Very compact and excellent images. Would certainly recommend this product.

  59. Steven Vears

    Bought the Avalon monocular after returning a pair of mini binoculars that I found too small to handle comfortably with my quite large hands. I have only tried it in the garden so far, but so far so good. Images are clear and crisp and it fits like a glove to hold and focus. I currently have a pair of 8×42 binoculars from a different manufacturer that I am happy with, but I was after something more portable and this seems to fit the bill perfectly.
    Customer service was also excellent, ordered one day, arrived the next. Would definitely recommend.

  60. Alan Steele (verified owner)

    I suffer from astigmatism and see out of only one eye, so binoculars are not ideal for me to use, as I find them quite fiddly to focus quickly. Due to my astigmatism I also wear spectacles and for years have found it frustrating that I have had to remove my spectacles whenever I wished to use binoculars or a monocular, often losing sight of what it was that I wanted to look at in the first place. Due to travelling to remote and austere environments quite a lot in my professional career I have, for several years, been seeking the ideal monocular which would give clarity of vision, have good magnification and a wide field of view, while being robust, compact and lightweight. My son finally took pity on me and, after doing some research, recommended the Avalon 10 x 42 WP Monocular. It is an excellent “bit of kit”, which more than meets all of the specifications for which I have been seeking. It also has a setting at the eye-piece which allows me to use the monocular while keeping my spectacles on, which has literally transformed the ease with which I can view things, as it is so convenient (a fact which those who wear specs all the time will fully appreciate). Two added bonuses are that the monocular is reasonably priced and, thus, affordable, and that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Delivery is very prompt, if ordering direct from Avalon.This is a very good piece of optics equipment, well-designed, easy to use, with clear vision and good magnification: I would heartily recommend it.

  61. Martin Lacey (verified owner)

    Blown away by the image quality which is far superior to my 12X32 from another manufacturer. These are in my backpack when I’m out and about and my bedroom windowsill for wildlife when I’m home.

  62. Paul Hillman

    Ordered my monocular and it turned up within two days. Brilliant service. The quality build is awesome. Crisp quality and very compact. Very impressed with it.

  63. Charles Coates (verified owner)

    Works for me. Lost some sight in one eye after a detached retina .
    However, I like it anyway for low weight, pocketability, goodish optics and plain simplicity. Works OK with glasses, too.
    Very happy with purchase, and I virtually never give endorsements. Saw a linnet, today.

  64. Lee Hanks (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning piece of kit, we have had binoculars for years. But now we are doing more walking this is perfect, compact and light. Clarity and definition brilliant. Would highly recommend.

  65. John Spargo (verified owner)

    A well made, quality bit of kit. Pin sharp image, much lighter than my binoculars, feels solid. Just the job!

  66. John currill (verified owner)

    Top quality manufacturers
    So light and simple to use
    I use it every morning to watch the dawn chorus performers
    Wish I’d bought one years ago

  67. Keith Howlett (verified owner)

    Excellent monocular well worth the money along with the ease of ordering online and a very rapid delivery makes this overall a win win win 😀

  68. Nick (verified owner)

    Optics seem good- nice bright and clear image. Well made.

  69. Calvin

    This is the first time I have had a monocular and find them compact, light and easy to use. I have Avalon 10×42 Titan ED binoculars which are top class with a crystal clear image. I was surprised at the monocular image, obviously not as good as the Titan ED, but still good. The monocular is a good complement for the Titan ED. Would I recommend the monocular? I now have two products from Avalon and from my experience with these two products I would recommend anything from Avalon.

  70. Bev Dowling

    I only have sight in one eye now so thought that a monocular with be more practical and lighter than binoculars. I have only had my monocular for 2 days so haven’t had
    the chance to test it fully, but it has very good optics and so far it seems to live up to the advertising. I will probably have to use two hands when using it for long periods of time, but it is much lighter than a pair of binoculars would be. I am pleased with it and would recommend it to others.

  71. David Purshouse (verified owner)

    Purchased this as a gift. Very pleased. It is just as good as my Opticron BGA 10×42 which costs 50% more so a real bargain.

  72. IMartin

    Very Good service , very pleased with the quality of the monocular.

  73. David Beresford (verified owner)

    Recent eye test revealed problem in one eye. Many years ago I purchased a very expensive set of binoculars and have hardly used them they were too complicated to use and far to heavy for a more mature gentleman,my son suggested a telescope after about 10 mins of laughter he logged my laptop on to your website what a great move not only was the site easy to use but the product was great. I will now be able to go to the tourdeyorks at Grosmont and be able to shout abuse at the French riders. I will have had enought time to catch my breath.

  74. Brad Wong

    Excellent optic. Comparable in sharpness to my Nikon 10×42 binoculars and slightly less hazy too. I replaced my binoculars because I’ve lost vision in one eye. I also appreciate that the wide focus range allows me to use and focus the monocular without my contact lense (i’m very nearsighted -6.25 diopter correction). Have never had a binocular be able to do this.

  75. Brian

    Arrived promptly, well pleased the clarity of sight for my purpose, and being a mono, is lighter on my pack than Bino , ??

  76. kenneth marshall (verified owner)

    Have a problem with my left eye. Ideal for my good right eye. Also purchased a table top tripod with the legs closed held steady to view the birds to photograph with the Avalon Digiscoping Adapter for the camera phones yet to buy.

  77. Doreen Berriman (verified owner)

    Just what I wanted – lightweight with clear vision.

  78. Fiona Bates

    Love my new monocular. It is so crisp and clear and just what I wanted. So much easier to use than a binocular.

  79. Rosalind King (verified owner)

    Product well made and sturdy. However, I’ve had to return this monocular as the size is a little too big for my arthritic thumbs. A real disappointment! Excellent customer service.

  80. Helen (verified owner)

    Very pleased so far! Vision is clear, it’s easy and secure to hold and focus, and no loose covers or bits! Great! And excellent customer service too, thankyou 😉

  81. Beatrice Carol Taylor (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Good, clear vision and light in weight – ideal for carrying on walks.

  82. Keith Davis (verified owner)

    Good quality and performance, clear vision so well satisfied

  83. Bill Petrofska

    l am very impressed with my new scope. The quality and clarity is much better than l expected.

  84. Lydia L. Elsesser

    I gave it to a coworker/friend as a retirement gift. She’s a hunter/shooter, nature lover, kayaker and recently took the product to an Elton John concert. She raved about it the first day she received it (viewed an egret on her pond) and I just got an email about her using it during most of the concert. She loves the convenience (easily fits in her purse) and the easy, clear vision she gets with it.

  85. Philip Caballero

    The Avalon monocular is excellent. Light, compact, clear and powerful. When whale spotting in Encounter Bay, out on the cliffs or Bluff, carrying a video camera mounted on a tripod, a digital still camera and a camera bag, I never bothered dragging along binoculars. The monocular is now on a lanyard slung from my neck where it is quick to grab, hold with one hand and focus.

  86. Gordy

    Excellent for hunting,quick easy one handed operation,adapted it to hang on a lanyard around my neck,customer service from avalon is superb.

  87. Christina Smith

    Just what i needed. I have trouble using binoculars decided to buy the avalon monocular after reading reviews. Easy to use lite weight only a bit bigger then our binoculars, 10×42 means i am still seeing same as our 10×25 binocular. Love it if you not a fan of binoculars give a monocular a go.

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