• Avalon 8×32 Mini HD Binoculars PLATINUM
  • Avalon 8×32 Mini HD Binoculars PLATINUM

Avalon 8×32 MINI HD Binoculars (PLATINUM)

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If you want to enjoy breathtaking views but need to travel light, then the new Avalon 8×32 Mini HD are the right binoculars for you. They feature a compact waterproof design and fully multicoated optics, producing bright, razor sharp images. Avalon Mini HD binoculars weigh only 416 grams and fit in your jacket pocket, handbag or glove compartment. Small in size yet big on performance, they are ideal for hiking, birdwatching, boating, events and concerts. They make for a great gift too! Order a pair today. Your journey awaits.


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Avalon 8x32 Mini HD Binoculars Case

The Complete Package

Planning your next adventure or just looking for a special gift? Avalon 8x32 Mini HD binoculars feature professional level optics and beautiful packaging. They are designed to impress.  

Always in Focus

Avalon binoculars are easy to use. The central focus wheel allows you to quickly focus on subjects, either near or far. The single eye diopter can be set to adjust for differences between your right and left eye. It only needs to be set once for every user.  

Need a Closer Look?

Avalon 8x32 Mini HD binoculars magnify at 8x times your normal eyesight. This is the ideal magnification for following moving subjects. Their wide field of view makes them a perfect choice for bird watching, safari or following sporting events. The 8x power is also suitable for use onboard a ship or boat without experiencing image shakiness.  

Razor Sharp Images, Every Time

Avalon 8x32 Mini HD binoculars are fully multicoated on all glass-to-air surfaces. This allows for the highest level of light intake and results in brighter, crystal clear and razor sharp images.  

High Performance, Rain or Shine

Avalon 8x32 Mini HD binoculars are 100% waterproof and fog-proof. Internally purged with Nitrogen gas they are guaranteed to never fog up in extreme temperatures. The 32mm objective lenses produce clear bright images even when used in poor light conditions such as rain, fog, dawn or dusk.  

Glass On, Glass Off

With a long 15mm eye relief and adjustable twist-up eyecups, Avalon 8x32 Mini HD binoculars can be used by any viewer. Pickup a pair of Avalon binoculars and experience enhanced magnified views, either with or without glasses.  

About This Offer

 20% Savings  
This product is discounted today and offered at 20% less than its normal retail price.  
 Lifetime warranty  
This product includes a lifetime VIP warranty. If it proves to be defective in material or workmanship, we will simply replace it.  
 90-Days money back guarantee  
If you’re not satisfied with the quality of your purchase, for any reason, simply send it back to us in its original packaging within 90 days for a full refund or replacement.  

Small Size, Big Performance

Avalon 8x32 Mini HD binoculars weigh only 416 grams and fit in your jacket pocket, handbag or glove compartment. Small in size yet big on performance, they are ideal for hiking, birdwatching, boating, events or concerts.  

Nothing is Left Behind

There is nothing more annoying than loosing small accessories. Avalon 8x32 Mini HD have their lens covers connected to the binoculars, so you never forget or loose them. They can also be removed from the binoculars and easily inserted back in again if needed.  
Easy Hang Buckle (Neck Strap is Included)
8x Magnification



360 View

Magnification Guide

Additional information

Avalon Optics Model




Objective Lens Diameter

32 mm

Exit Pupil

4 mm

Eye Relief

15 mm

Prism Type

BAK-4, Roof

Lens Coating

Fully Multicoated





Nitrogen Filled


Closest Focusing Distance

3 m

Field of View

362 ft / 1000 yards

Angle of View


Interpupillary Distance

56mm – 74mm


11.8 x 10.8 cm (4.6 x 4.2 inch)


416 grams

150 reviews for Avalon 8×32 MINI HD Binoculars (PLATINUM)

  1. Maureen White (verified owner)

    Was trying out a friends Avalon binoculars whilst on holiday recently and realised how rubbish my own binoculars were compared.
    So as soon as I got home I ordered my Avalon binoculars and I am very pleased with them. Almost looking eye to eye with Red Kites in a tree near my garden

  2. Harriet (verified owner)

    Needed a second pair of binoculars for short holiday bird watching. These are light and easy to use, adjust etc. Have bought Avalon before and would recommend them.

  3. Steven Easthope (verified owner)

    Bought without trying – always a bit scary! However they’re great, nice weight, super finish and lovely to use. Excellent addition to my rucsac.

  4. Chris Marten (verified owner)

    I lived in the town where it was rare to see any wild birds except Herring Gulls and a few pigeons bur after moving to the outskirts there were a number of birds so we encouraged them.
    I found my current distant binoculars too powerful for close watching and started searching for a pair of binoculars for close garden viewing and settled on a pair of 8×32 Avalon platinum. They are probably the best I have ever used, the clarity is amazing and I can now see every detail of the subject very clearly. I now can’t remember when I last used my other pair of 10x40s.

  5. Paula (verified owner)

    Bought mainly to watch garden birds and for local park walks. After much deliberation and searching reviews to find the best balance of quality, cost and practicality. I think these are very good value for money, simple to adjust and easy to use. They feel well made and strong but aren’t heavy to carry and the material feels secure (isn’t slippery) so you can get a comfortable one handed grip. Focus is lovely and clear with/without your own glasses. Not quite pocket size, unless you have big square pockets, but with the neck strap attached you can put them in their case and carry over your shoulder or just pop them in a rucksack. They were sent via DHL, arrived quickly and well packed. I’m really pleased with them and would recommend giving them a go.

  6. Heather (verified owner)

    They were bought as a gift for my daughter who loves them. Bought primarily for bird watching. So much sharper and clearer than her previous pair and, although a little bigger, they are still small and light enough to carry around. I’ve tried them too and agree.

  7. Rachel (verified owner)

    I used a review site to choose a pair of binoculars as these are the first I’ve owned. They delivered as much as the site promised. Easy to use, light to carry and they do everything I need for birdwatching and are a pleasure to use. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other beginners. You can buy cheaper pairs but these are worth every penny.

  8. Laurence Burbidge (verified owner)

    I was surprised to find that I am not at all happy with these binoculars. Yes, they can be adjusted to give a lovely clear sharp image for both eyes, but the problem is that for any change of the central focussing wheel, I have also to reset the individual right eye focus. All other binoculars allow me to set the right eye once, then only have to adjust the centre wheel for different distances and both eyes stay sharp. Is this a manufacturing defect, or are they all like this?

    • Avalon Optics Team

      Hi Laurence, thank you for your review. Please note that you only need to set the right eye focus once, and only if you have an eyesight condition where right or left eye is different than the other. Most people do not need to change the right eye focus at all. Once you set it once, there is no need to set again. You can use the central focus wheel when viewing subjects near vs. far. If this is not the case, please feel free to contact us and our team would be delighted to assist you asap with using the binoculars. You can also find more help regarding using your Avalon binoculars here: https://avalonoptics.co.uk/product-support/

  9. Helen Papworth (verified owner)

    A birthday gift for my husband which was appreciated. They are ideal for his hobby of birdwatching.

  10. Heather (verified owner)

    Excellent. The right balance of weight to functionality. Clear vision, easy to focus. Ideal for birdwatching. Disappointed that the pair I received had a blemish on the hand held part. This was a shame as they were a gift and opened and used by recipient whilst away on holiday otherwise I might have wished to return them. Does not affect their use of course but not good aesthetically.

  11. Caroline Abrahams (verified owner)

    Just as described, very useable and light binoculars. Bought for a trip abroad when I didn’t want to transport my bigger ones they have done the job very well, in my case bird watching. Good value, am thoroughly glad I bought them and will be using them a lot I’m sure.

  12. Dom (verified owner)

    very happy with them – quality feel and excellent clarity/vision.

  13. Lucy Buxton (verified owner)

    great value for money, easy to focus and a very clear view

  14. A Corbin

    I recently purchased these to take on safari and can only praise them. They were light enough for me to hold for a while and the magnification was excellent. It was easy to focus them quickly and the imagine quality was superb. I would certainly recommend these.

  15. Charlotte Berry (verified owner)

    I’m so pleased with these 8×32 mini binoculars and highly recommended them. I’d put off buying some for birdwatching for so long because other people’s I’d tried were so heavy and I just knew I wouldn’t take them out much! These are really light but with a ‘weighty’ quality feel. Very comfortable to hold and really easy to adjust with crystal clear, bright vision. Platinum finish is great too. I took them to RSPB Ham Wall and a whole new world opened up to me!

  16. Eunice Evans (verified owner)

    These were for a birthday present. We received comments back that they are great for taking in pocket out walking and looking at birds. Very happy with the binoculars

  17. Eunice Evans (verified owner)

    The binoculars were for a present I had a thank you and that they are excellent for putting in pocket and use to look at birds when out walking . They are neat and perfect for daughters use. Impressed too at the fast delivery of these. Thanks.

  18. john david williams

    Bought for my sister and she loves them

  19. Anne cooke

    Love my binoculars a gift from my brother…..l use them when I’m out and about with my dog…they fit in my bag but I could wear them round my neck with the case

  20. Sylvia Ring (verified owner)

    I think they look, and feel perfect. I would appreciate some pointers as to how to use them properly Not having had binoculars before I still don’t quite understand how to adjust them to see clearly – which bits to turn, etc. If you could give me some brief instructions I would be grateful and would get better use out of them. Thank you

  21. David (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, well made product. Gave to my wife as a birthday gift – she was very pleased and is looking forward to a bird watching expedition when the weather improves!

  22. Linda Bratcher (verified owner)

    I have only given these 4 stars because:
    1) On trying to ascertain where these were made. It appeared they were made in the USA. They are, in fact, made in China, which if I had known I would not have bought.
    2)The description says they fit in a jacket pocket: well they would have to be very big pockets!
    Having said that, they have good magnification although quite heavy, easy to pick up and focus quickly

  23. Deborah (verified owner)

    Bought these binoculars 8×32 as a present for my son. He loves the white and black colour and the size. He was very impressed with the magnification.

  24. Michael Kennedy (verified owner)

    They do exactly was is written on the box exception value for money easily transportable yes I have no hesitation in recommending them

  25. Peter Tamblin (verified owner)

    So far, brilliant. Time will tell on their robustness, but I have no reason to have any doubts. Light to handle but with a quality weight feeling. Easy to use and focus with superb optics. I am a casual walker so an opportunist user. These glasses can be brought in to action very quickly and easily. I shall take them to sea in my boat this summer, but I am confident that they will deal with that environment with ease.

    I researched what was available prior to purchase, and am delighted I found these. Your advertising promos were very good indeed.
    Thank you Avalon for a superb product

  26. Philippa Gedge (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my 8 x 32 binoculars. They are so easy to use and adjust and the vision is crystal clear. I would definitely recommend these to anyone wanting a lightweight pair.

  27. Deborah (verified owner)

    Fantastic piece of birding equipment. Arrived within a few days and I was straight outside with them. Excellent image quality and true colours. Magnification and light quality impressive for casual birding. Lightweight and comfortable to use. Great value and quality.

  28. J Malin (verified owner)

    Arrived next day, even when ordered during the Xmas busy period. First pair of binoculars and I am very pleased with them. Easy to use due to compact size and extremely good quality.

  29. Gwen (verified owner)

    Only used the for the garden so far but they seem excellent. I was afraid I might find them a bit heavy but they are comfortable to hold.
    Prompt shipping excellent service.

  30. Anne Taylor (verified owner)

    I bought these as a present for my husband, and he’s very pleased with them.

  31. Norman Dadd (verified owner)

    Delighted, albeit through gritted teeth. Purchased for my wife hoping she would prefer our Opticron 8 x 24 (superb) since they were half the weight of the Avalon. No such luck; on our first birdwatching trip I hardly got a look in, literally, but what I did see I really liked – sharp, clear images and easy to focus. As recommended by a national newspaper, a great purchase.

  32. Rosie (verified owner)

    They were a present and were much appreciated as the optics were so much better than the ones they owned.

  33. Los (verified owner)

    My wife got me these for my birthday (at my suggestion) and they’re very good. First of all the packaging etc. Was excellent as was the presentation. The binoculars themselves have a good feel and look good. The accessories are all in keeping and functional though the eyepiece cover is a bit ‘clunky’ compared to everything else. Most importantly the image is bright and sharp with good all over definition. Light and easy to handle the binoculars give my the all round performance I’m looking for.
    The strap’s not that bad to fit either. Same as many cameras and at least it’s secure once it’s on.

  34. Christine Longden (verified owner)

    I tried a friend’s larger size before I bought. I was so impressed by hers that I had to have a pair. The 8×32 are perfect for me. I am a hiker and therefore wanted a lighter pair to take out with me as I am often carrying a backpack. I also live in a 5th floor apartment near the sea and wanted to view seagoing vessels.
    The razor sharp image quality is fabulous. Just perfect for my needs. Great sales service as well. Many thanks.

  35. Phil

    Very quick delivery. Love these binoculars compact excellent clear optics, a real bargain for the price.

  36. David Crossland (verified owner)

    Thank you for prompt delivery When I opened the box and took hold of the binoculars my initial thoughts were wow they are heavy
    I took them with me on my visit to the coast and was amazed at the magnification when looking out to sea amazing what u can see that u cannot with the naked eye
    I am a sports enthusiast and I took them to my visit to horse race meeting Again the quality and vision u get through the Avalon 8×32 are fabulous 5 star buy

  37. Tim (verified owner)

    arrived early. on first gaze I saw objects in fields that my old bins did not reveal. Just followed the G7 Chinooks as they fly over Cornwall. Splendid all round.

  38. M D Bush (verified owner)

    Ordered these as a gift for my wife they were good quality but sadly too heavy so have returned them. Good service from supplier just awaiting refund but they would only have received them a couple of days ago.

  39. Phil (verified owner)

    Very impressed indeed. Prompt delivery and took them straight away on a trip to the Scottish Highlands. Very lightweight, easy to use, super clear view and a good level of magnification for general use. Bird spotting, scenery, mountain ranges, distant signposts etc. Tried out by everyone, including regular binocular users and all very impressed and are now searching the Avalon website! Fit easily in a jacket pocket or the pouch on my belt. My only criticisms being that they don’t slip smoothly into the pouch but need two hands or wriggling in. Also, the objective lens covers sometimes pop up and block one lens but it is good that they are attached to the binoculars. I don’t have the strap attached.

  40. Susan McLoughlin (verified owner)

    Fabulous – just the right size and a very clear view with great magnification.
    Delivery was prompt and trouble free

  41. Paul Robinson (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery, build quality seems great and optics excellent. Excellent product.?

  42. Jan Summers (verified owner)

    Bought for adult granddaughters birthday. She really loves them and is very happy.

  43. Wilhelmus Pieterse (verified owner)

    Excellent tool. Lightweight, clear and easy to use. I like the stability and compact body. Very happy with the purchase.

  44. NIGEL TANDY (verified owner)

    I have had my Avalon mini platinum binoculars now for two weeks and I have to say I am extremely satisfied with them in every way. They are very easy to use, lightweight and very clear. The purchasing process was very easy and to my delight they arrived within 24 hours. Excellent all round!

  45. Andy Richards (verified owner)

    These are my first proper binoculars, and I must say I’m hugely impressed with the build quality, and more importantly the image quality.
    The 8x magnification is more than ample for my needs, which is primarily watching the birds in our garden, and when out on walks. I’d previously tried a 10x pair, but found the extra magnification made it harder to maintain a stable view.
    These Avalon binoculars are easy to fit in a large jacket pocket, or a small backpack, so easy to take out wherever you go.

  46. Susan P (verified owner)

    As a complete novice to birdwatching,
    I found Avalon’s guide really helpful. I am so pleased with these partcular binoculars as they’re clear, sharp and lightweight and small enough to tuck into a pocket if you don’t want to use the neck strap. Would definitely recommend these.

  47. Peter Condon (verified owner)

    Had my eye on these for a while (excuse the pun)! I like to watch a bit of nature, nice views etc and just wanted something reasonably decent. I am absolutely delighted with my choice, and would definitely recommend them. The image is so clear and sharp – fabulous!
    Arrived quickly too!

  48. Cliff Jennings (verified owner)

    This is the second pair I have bought as my wife keeps pinching mine when we are out walking so have now got her own in stunning white, very quick delivery and excellent value for money. (Hope she likes them!!)

  49. Tommy K (verified owner)

    Arrived just within a couple of days of purchase. Well wrapped & protected. Fantastic product & well worth the money. They look well made, lightweight & ideal for walking with. Very pleased indeed. The well bring many many years of use

  50. Tom Brawn (verified owner)

    Bought these for our daughters birthday. Opened the excellently packaged binoculars to check they were all right and tried them out. What can I say: neat size of binoculars, lovely in white, light weight for our daughter to carry about on her walks and most of all powerful enough to see the birds in all their detail. Superb purchase, excellent quality. I think my wife might want a pair now!! The videos on the web site really helped when considering purchasing for someone else.

  51. Paul Dodds (verified owner)

    Very pleased with these. Easily portable, but a clear, bright image. Rapid delivery too.

  52. Linda (verified owner)

    I have bought two pairs of these as gifts…… great compromise between very small pocket binos and larger heavier ones, lovely smooth white finish makes them stylish but most important, very good optics.

  53. Janet (verified owner)

    Very satisfied! Lightweight and compact, they are ideal for amateur bird watching on my seaside walks.

  54. Alan Styles (verified owner)

    Was great to recieve these new binoculars for a birthday treat, really good viewing in HD seeing all the colours of the birds close up, fantastic an good in cold weathers too, Thanks

  55. Catherine Kingham (verified owner)

    Bought on line – Avalon 8×32 mini HD binoculars recently as my large full size binocs are too heavy for regular use. I have a small face & my eyes are quite close together so I was a bit concerned that the binocs would not fit well enough for them to be of much use. BUT they are perfect! Well constructed & made, lightweight but not so light that you feel they won’t balance properly. Excellent lenses with very good vision. I use them a lot to watch the garden birds as my poorer eyesight now does not allow me to identify birds at the garden feeders. I can now see what types of birds are visiting! Swift delivery (no pun intended!) & very well packaged. Thank you Avalon.

  56. Joy M (verified owner)

    Very Happy with my purchase. They work well. The instructions on how to adjust to suit your vision was very clear.
    As long as I have a solid surface for support I can avoid the slight shake and get good views quite a distance away. Can strongly recommend them.

  57. Nick J (verified owner)

    Compact yet powerful, these binoculars are ideal for birdwatching. My sister was so impressed when she tried them that she has ordered a pair.

  58. Keith S (verified owner)

    Wanted a pair of binoculars for our walks into the countryside during lockdown and to use when we go on walking holidays. Did some research and these came out well for the price, we like watching wildlife etc. These fit into the pocket, lightweight, easy to focus in on a subject, well made and with a good warranty. Very pleased with the binoculars and speedy service.

  59. Amy Winsor (verified owner)

    I bought these for my son for his birthday at his request.
    He is thrilled with the quality of the instrument. Vision and weight are exceptional.
    He can’t wait to give them a proper field trial

  60. John G (verified owner)

    An excellent product. Relatively light and compact, perfect for walks in our local country park and further afield.

  61. deborah whiteman (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect binoculars. Brilliantly clear views of birds on the feeders and also far landscape views. Very happy.

  62. Doug Purshouse (verified owner)

    Primarily bought them for birdwatching and they have proved ideal. Light enough to wear around the neck when walking, small enough to fit unobtrusively under a jacket and with high quality image when viewing wildlife. I look forward to trying them at sports and other events when the world reopens.

  63. Susan Porter (verified owner)

    With my birthday coming up, and spending time at home I decided to treat myself to a new pair of Avalon binoculars. Now they sit on my windowsill ready for me to grab when I see birds visiting the garden. The binoculars are perfect, so easy to handle and adjust, and they give me a detailed view of the birds so I can quickly identify them by the colours of their plumage. Thank you.

  64. Sara Fowler (verified owner)

    My husband had a choice of binoculars for his birthday, after researching the options he decided to go with the Avalon mini HD binoculars and was not disappointed. After their initial outing he came home and said these are perfect, crystal clear images at all ranges.

  65. Malcolm (verified owner)

    Very nice binoculars, perfect for when we go walking in Cornwall.

  66. Jane Field (verified owner)

    I bought these for my husband. They are much lighter and smaller than his old pair which is really good. He loves them and will use them far more often than his old pair. Quick and efficient service as well.

  67. Maurice Hadley (verified owner)

    Bought as a present for my wife. She is so pleased with them haven’t got a look in. Excellent product and service.

  68. Neil Rankin (verified owner)

    Christmas present for my wife – who loves them. Just the right size for garden and strolling use – as well as robust enough for the Grandchildren to borrow! Lightweight, easy to operate/handle and with excellent clarity and magnification, they are a great success, thank you.

  69. Ian (verified owner)

    Just what we wanted. Excellent for viewing birds.
    I ordered them mid-afternoon and they were delivered by 9.30 next morning – great service.

  70. Robert Burns (verified owner)

    Bought as a present so not yet been used but look and feel just right. I think my partner will be very happy with these binoculars.

  71. Cath Atkins (verified owner)

    Very happy with them, they feel very well made, compact and easy to use. The delivery was very quick.

    I am looking forward to taking them to the beach when things return to normal!

  72. Annette (verified owner)

    These were my first pair of proper binoculars so I’m still getting used to them but so far so good – lightweight, small and easy to use with amazing magnification. Mainly used for watching garden birds from the bedroom window, but looking forward to taking them out and about when things return to ‘normal’.
    Avalon’s delivery was speedy and on time – would recommend them.

  73. Tim

    Great lightweight binoculars for walking, birdwatching and landscape. Even greater customer service from Avalon to send a replacement in just two days after a fault occurred on the first outing – couldn’t be better!

  74. Dave (verified owner)

    Fantastic binoculars. So clear and lightweight I didn’t even notice them around my neck as I hiked around the Lake District.
    Lightweight but have a sturdy and solid feel to them I must add.
    Delivery was rapid and well

  75. John Kennewell (verified owner)

    Just a superb bit of kit. Light, brilliant optics and small enough to take anywhere anytime. And good looking!
    Thoroughly recommended.

  76. Julian Young (verified owner)

    Perfect for general use , absolutely delighted as received as a gift . Light , compact and seem robust enough to take in a backpack on a motorcycle .

  77. Nia (verified owner)

    Excellent all round product – compact and light so easy to transport but also powerful enough for bird watching and wildlife spotting.
    Fantastic delivery time and good price for the quality.
    Definitely recommend these

  78. Adrian Benson (verified owner)

    Bought as a birthday present for my wife as the 10×50 Carl Zeiss Jena were too heavy and cumbersome for her. She is thrilled & delighted, and having used them myself I agree with her sentiments. Lightweight but sturdy, she is spending a lot of time watching the birds in our garden. Very prompt delivery after placing the order.

  79. Gillian Summers (verified owner)

    The binos themselves are brilliant . The strap is very tricky to assemble and I suspect a budget one. I shall be replacing it with something more robust.

  80. Jeff Welsh (verified owner)

    An absolute must have. Living by the river where there’s so much happening and all the wildlife these Avalon binoculars have been fantastic.

  81. Steve Phillips

    Bought these for my son/granddaughter as they both love exploring . Really impressive little binoculars. Bought another pair for my wife and I. Really easy to set up and use, very bright image. Clever use of strap to secure lens covers. Very pleased and impressed.

  82. B Fido (verified owner)

    Sent back next day received on the 21st sent back on the 22nd of July to small for my hands asked to exchange for 10×42

  83. Mr Robert T Beaty (verified owner)

    Excellent quality – both of image and of design and build. Very pleasing to look at and very easy to use – especially like the thumb indents on the outside casing.
    My wife has often had a problem getting a single image on many of our previous binoculars, but no problems at all with these.
    We are both very happy with them, so well done Avalon.

  84. Johnny Stewart Youngson

    Excellent service and product. Ordered on a Sunday, dispatched on Monday 9am. Email from courier at 9.30 am stating delivery On Wednesday . Email Wednesday morning , to be delivered between 3.30 and 4 .30. Arrived 4pm.

  85. Vivienne Chumley (verified owner)

    Excellent purchase, they are light, easy to adjust, great magnification, prompt delivery also. Highly recommend them.

  86. A.Fletcher (verified owner)

    These 8×32 binoculars are just what i was looking for, clear sharp optics, light and compact and easy to handle. The centre focus is tactile and moves with just the right amount of friction. The diopter control is useful because one of my eyes is stronger than the other, and i like having the lens covers attached to the binocular so they won’t get lost.

  87. Linda M (verified owner)

    This is the first time I’ve bought a really good pair of binoculars and I wasn’t disappointed – they’re great. Bought last minute for a holiday and they have already proved invaluable for looking at birds and other wildlife. Light enough to carry round but still with a high-quality image. Well worth the money – I only wish I’d bought them earlier.
    Also, I ordered them last minute after looking online and they arrived the following day!

  88. Paul Macmillan (verified owner)

    My wife is a keen ornithologist and the 8 x 32 binoculars are perfect for her hobby. I’m extremely impressed how clear and in depth the birds appear. Furthermore they are light and mobile easily fitting into her handbag. Highly recommended.

  89. Lynn (verified owner)

    A special gift for my grandson WOW was his words!!! They are fantastic quality, nice holding weight and so sharp. Delivery and correspondence was first class and I thank you very much

  90. John Townend (verified owner)

    Sharp bright image light and easy to handle. Ideally I would like to have tried along side the 10×42 due to greater magnification.
    However thes e are easier to store and carry so will stick with them as they are a quality product

  91. Janet

    After doing a little research, on compact, lightweight, entry level binoculars, for bird watching, the Avalon Mini 8 x 32 seemed to be the ones that I kept coming back to, and I have to say I am absolutely delighted with them. The clarity of vision is great, and they have made my bird watching experience much more enjoyable. We are that impressed that my husband has just bought himself the Avalon Pro 10 x 42. I look forward to giving these a try also.

  92. Lesley Cornez (verified owner)

    Delighted with these binoculars! I’m new to birdwatching so wanted something straightforward to use and these fit the bill perfectly. Lovely clear image and nice and light so great if you’re on a long walk.

  93. Andy Perris (verified owner)

    Lovely Binoculars, really pleased with them. They are really nice to hold, light and feel just right. The hinge is nicely tight and the focus adjustment is also nicely tight. Highly recommend them.

  94. Brenda Hempton (verified owner)

    Really pleased with my binoculars. I have a lot of neck pain and wanted something of good quality but light to carry. These are perfect – really sharp but light and comfortable . I like the platinum finish – reminds me of the quality of Canon L series lenses.

  95. Peter Hamilton (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the service, prompt delivery. We chose the mini’s 8 x 32, and they are the best binoculars we’ve ever had. Nice and light, veryeasy to focus and a nice bright image.
    We highly recommend for walking, bird watching etc

  96. Stephen Lovatt

    Excellent in the field – great quality; portable, and easy to use with glasses/sunglasses.

  97. Stuart Gilroy (verified owner)

    Much better than expected. Excellent clarity, easy to use and carry.

  98. Jill Grinstead (verified owner)

    Have found the binoculars ideal for bird watching. As a glasses wearer l have found them comfortable to use and the field of vision is very good. In my opinion they offer extremely good value and l would be am happy to recommend them. The only awkward bit l thought was attaching the carrying strap.

  99. Chris D (verified owner)

    Good bright and clear image but with the bonus of light weight – able to use successfully with one hand when needed. Very pleased with my purchase. One little niggle is that the case is barely big enough to accommodate the mini binoculars if you want to close the velcro fastening.

  100. Paul (verified owner)

    I bought these for my better half who has recently accelerated her interest in bird watching and, after much research, these looked like being the best option for all her requirements without breaking the bank at entry level – and they have not disappointed! Light, compact, easy to handle and use and with a clarity and overall optical experience for the price that is usually found in higher entry equipment (I have extensive experience of military optics).
    Highly recommend these if you are just starting out and they will see you through until (if) you need to upgrade, as your own experience grows – really good all round piece of kit and a lifetime warranty too as standard.
    Great service from Avalon too – speedy dispatch and delivery and the packaging was all either recycled or recyclable – great to see no plastic in sight!

  101. Margaret (verified owner)

    These were bought for my budding ornithologist grandaughter during lock-down. I decided to avoid cheaper ‘children’s ‘ binoculars as I thought these could deter her from pursing her new hobby. They are a ‘hit’ and not just with her as other members of the family borrow them too! Her mother’s answer to the question “Are the binoculars any good?” was “Yes – really good. Great for narrow and wide faces alike, and the clarity is excellent!”

  102. Maggie Stephens (verified owner)

    Very pleased with these binoculars. I already had a higher magnification pair but seldom use them as so bulky. These are compact, easy to use due to good field of view and image is very clear and sharp. Highly recommended.

  103. Les

    Absolutely fantastic clarity, well worth the money!

  104. Linda Jane Archbold (verified owner)

    Close the mini rather than mid-size and glad I did. They are not teeny but small and neat, very nice looking and great optical quality. I gave these as a gift to my daughter who was delighted and I am very pleased with my choice.

  105. Jane Greeh (verified owner)

    Really pleased with them, they will be much easier to use on a cruise to Norway & the Artic Circle as I found them a lot lighter than the other pair I have. Look forward to using them soon.

  106. Gwen Burgess (verified owner)

    I love my new binoculars! I live by a salt marsh and my walks take me along prime bird watching territory. I was getting fed up of taking my big, heavy ones, but was worried that a smaller pair wouldn’t give satisfaction. These are just perfect, and I barely know I have them round my neck. Views are light and clear.

  107. richard Sellens (verified owner)

    Having read the good reviews, I bought a pair. They are just as good as a pair my brother has and he paid around £300 for his.
    They are light, compact , easy to use, and excellent optically. I would definitely recommend them!

  108. Amanda

    I purchased these binoculars for our trip to Maui in January. I really wanted a decent pair to use since we’d be there during whale season. After a lot of shopping around, I’m so happy I went with this pair. They made a HUGE difference in my whale watching experience. I used them daily to view whales breaching right off our lanai. Our condo had two other pairs available, the Bushnell H2O and another which brand I can’t recall. Neither pair came close to the Avalon 8X32. Even my husband who wasn’t sure we needed a pair in the first place, said it was well worth the money to have them.

  109. Rachael

    After a lot of research I purchased 2 pairs of Avalon 8×32 MINI HD Binoculars for presents for my parents to use for travelling and cruising. They absolutely love them and have given them very good reviews saying they are absolutely perfect. They are light weight and and really clear. Shipping was also super quick. Highly recommend!

  110. Deborah (verified owner)

    These are my first binoculars and so I didn’t know what to expect but am really enjoying using them for bird watching. I was also impressed to find that they were packed in shredded paper rather than unrecyclable bubble wrap.

  111. Barbara (verified owner)

    Did a lot of research before purchasing and knew exactly what I wanted. They are well made , lightweight, easy to handle and a joy to use. They were delivered on time, and well packed . Needed to go online to find out how to attach the strap which took some time to assemble properly but now ready to go !

  112. Keith McPhee

    Compact binoculars with good optics; good for sports, bird-watching, bush-walking, etc.

  113. Dave (verified owner)

    I’ve never had a pair of premium binoculars before and it’s early days, but very impressed. Lovely size, weight and feel, not being a fan of black the platinum is great. Good value and convenient, prompt click and collect. Of course, main thing is ( now I’ve got a bit used to them & realised the eyepieces were too far apart) the clarity, focus snap and image brightness are amazing.

  114. William Dyer (verified owner)

    Being an avid mountain bike rider these are the perfect addition to the rucksack to appreciate the wonderful surroundings. Great product and are exactly as described on-line.

  115. Morana

    Best binoculars owned. Light, compact, sharp and clear. Great with glasses – meets all my requirements

  116. Ian l Colquhoun (verified owner)

    Very well made good optics
    ONLY small problem rubber lens caps on front to stiff get in way of viewing

  117. Ian Collins

    Delighted with my new Avalon 8 x 32 binoculars. Always interested in knowing what’s around me when I’m out walking, particularly the bird wildlife. Love the design and compact style, perfect for what I want

  118. Martha Roy

    I am delighted with Avalon 8×32 mini HD binoculars, very light and compact and great for my latest hobby, bird watching, would throughly recommend them and hope to use them on many days out.

  119. Hudson (verified owner)

    Exactly as advertised, excellent as a light weight binocular with all the extras like waterproofing you don’t normally get at this price.

  120. adrian rabone (verified owner)

    Now I’m not an expert on binoculars at all but what I got and what I was expecting were miles apart .. WOW! Was my first thought when trying them out , I can see detail on curtains in the window of a house I can barely see with my own eyes , .. easy to use and small enough to lose in my little rucksack… very pleased I bought them , well worth the money ..

  121. B. Dupree (verified owner)

    Excellent value, nice and lightweight and a good bright image, neck strap a bit of a day to fit but very pleased with purchase

  122. Ant

    Great Purchase. I’m really pleased with them. We’ve had them for a few months now and we have no complaints whatsoever. So much so that I’m actually bothering to write a review! Good size. They’re a big pocket full, so we tend to have to carry them, but not heavy, and great for the price.
    Good for spotting birds & Currently Whales.

  123. David Auty (verified owner)

    Very good Binoculars,but strap very difficult to fit

  124. David Earl (verified owner)

    Great when out and about, I’m really pleased with them. Easy to use, an ideal size and excellent quality. Easy to order and fast delivery, I would recommend, 100%.
    Go for Platinum – very cool!

  125. Andy fryatt

    Travelled around costa rica with these..great binoculars and a great company to deal with

  126. Terry Bradley (verified owner)

    Lovely binoculars, small and lightweight ideal for everyday use. Good quality and very reasonable price.

  127. David (verified owner)

    Delivered promptly and excellent value for money, just what I wanted.

  128. Andrew Mcinnes (verified owner)

    Purchased for my girlfriend as a birthday gift. After a little disappointment that the package didn’t contain some expensive perfume or a ring she took to them like a wigeon to water. I was rather hoping she’d throw them back at me so I could keep them for myself but she can’t put them down and spotted a short eared owl first time out. They look great, are well balanced and have excellent clarity. Highly recommended (although perfume may have also been a good idea!)

  129. Peter O’Reilly

    These are excellent,sharp and light weight that I was looking for, could focus a little closer in rain forest situations. I am looking forward to taking overseas later in the year. Ideal for that

  130. Peter Trinder (verified owner)

    Given to my wife on her birthday today,she loves the look and feel of them and can’t wait to use them on our cruise to the Norwegian fjords.

  131. Shona Young

    Lovely little pair of binoculars….lightweight, compact and wonderful for bird watching. Am really happy with my purchase.

  132. Joanna Baillie (verified owner)

    Very good lightweight binnoculars bought for a cruise. Would definitely recommend.

  133. Chris Morris (verified owner)

    Easy to use and quite light. My only negative is trying to attach the neck strap was very difficult, otherwise very good.

  134. Kate

    These 8×32 binocs work well for me, who due to neck issues, have to have lighter weight ….I am adjusting to the absence of eye cups which my previous pair had…the clarity is just fine for birdwatching!

  135. EDWIN ROGERS (verified owner)

    It may seem silly, but I seem to have a small face. Whatever the reason, I find I have to close these binoculars as far as they will close, in order to produce a clear picture, and thus to be able to focus properly. This can make usage difficult. Furthermore it makes it almost impossible to close the case properly. For these reasons I find them rather disappointing.

  136. Peter

    Bought these and also a pair of the 10*42 s for our trip to Malaysian Borneo to check out orang-utans, monkeys and lots of birds. Worked a treat. There was a complimentary pair of similar spec but higher priced binoculars at one of our resorts and I used them a couple of times however preferred the Avalon. Great value.

  137. Trevor (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the quality and vision of these binoculars , lightweight and compact. Very easy to focus even with thick gloves on. Excellent for bird watching . I like the fact that the lense covers just drop down but stay attached to the binoculars so less chance of loosing them (as I have in the past)

  138. s south (verified owner)

    I bought the 8×32 but they had a problem in focosing email to let them know of the fault .they sent a replacement pair straight away this pair are perfect

  139. Julie Simon

    Hi I purchased your mini binoculars for my husband for xmas and I just wanted to say how happy he is with them. I knew nothing about binoculars until looking at your website for information.I am so glad I did. We will be using them on pur trip to Alasaka. Many thanks. Julie Simon

  140. Paul (verified owner)

    So far I’m very impressed, I bought them primarily for use at sea while boating along the Portuguese coast .as a small pair to keepin my pocket or around my neck instead of my main binoculars which are big and bulky. I have tested them on land and they seem very good so come March they will be tested in anger!!

  141. Johan

    Perfect for everyday use. Small and handy to take on a trip.

  142. Peter (verified owner)

    Very happy with these – much better than a pair of similarly priced 8 x 25 binoculars

  143. Janicee (verified owner)

    Great design, lightweight, easy to carry around, with great magnifying vision

  144. Paul kelsey (verified owner)

    Just used them on a short stroll alongside the Thames in Essex was able to identify avocets from probably 100 meters away and clearly see seals on the far side of the river .looking forward to using them on my upcoming trip to the Amazon .

  145. Mike (verified owner)

    Bought a pair of these for my sister in law on her retirement. She is a keen sailor and also does a lot of walking in Scotland. She has found them ideal as they are compact, lightweight yet still powerful enough for the job. My wife was so impressed with them that she has just purchased an identical pair for herself. Another plus point was the quick delivery.

  146. Dan

    Fantastic product for the price I am able to wear glasses and use the binoculars with great results if your want a lightweight high quality pair of binoculars these are the ones to buy!

  147. Stan Belcher

    Delivery was prompt.Larger than expected.Probably suit many purposes but not so good at the football where the play alters direction quickly.

  148. Andrew Hardwick

    I bought the 8×32 version but they developed double vision 1 year and 1 week old, I expected problems with the warranty but couldnt have been better served, I received a text regarding delivery due next day ( with no mention of what it was?) then a confirmation that they would be replaced with no need to return the faulty item- they took about one day from contact to delivery- EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE well done.
    I just hope they dont develop the same problem as they really are the perfect balance of size / weight and performance- it would be great if they were smaller and lighter but I believe NOTHING better at remotely near this price exists.

  149. Stephen

    Very impressed didn’t no what to expect for the price tried my friends 8x Nikon’s these are a lot better well worth the money

  150. Meggie

    My husband was thrilled to receive these as a gift for his upcoming trip to South Africa. I wanted something lightweight that was easy to travel with, but powerful enough to spot all the great wildlife. These fit the bill, and at a great price point! He was quite impressed by my research. ? Fast shipping, too – I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

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